Rev. Fr. Dr. John Zachariah

Our Director and Chairman

Rev. Fr. Dr. John Zachariah, the Chairman of CHEP international our mother institution as well as Director of Sahrudaya Counselling Centre. Who is a well Known Psychologist and Medical Social worker. He is a registered alternative medical practitioner also.

Mr. K. C Thambi


Our senior consultant deals with Child Counselling, Student Counselling, Family Counselling, Parenting. etc..

Mrs. Baby Benny


10 year Experienced in Family Counselling. Marital Counselling, student Counselling

Mrs. Anju Kusan MSW (CD)


Professional Social Worker, Child Counseller

Mr Binu T. S.

Counselling Psychologist, Sexologist and Sex Therapist

Specially providing classes on Genetic women rights, Feminine tutorial etc..

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